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Emily and Andrews day at Settrington Orangery

Lushness abounded from the word go on the hottest day of the year for these two lovlies. The boys, mostly in military woolens were quietly but stoically boiling and the bridesmaids swanned around looking angelic in the breeze. Everyone else got hammered. Bloody brilliant.
Settrington Orangery is just wonderful for weddings with a church on the doorstep and wild flower gardens and beck below the manicured lawn. Just don't trust your satnav too much as I parked in a small river on my first visit.
I loved every bit of this wedding, the guests were just bloody charming and very much enjoyed the lovely couple's hospitality and backstage, in the small hours, the house manager told me the combination of farming families and military folk had literally emptied the bar - now that's a party :o)

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