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Eleni and Olly at Bell Hall, Naburn

It no exaggeration that this was a wedding like no other.
For a start, the bride is Greek and amongst the Greek guests there wasn't a lot of English spoken and one of the lovely bridesmaids spent most of the day interpreting (& drinking). My childhood holiday Greek was of no use as I didn't need to order chicken or octopus, but I was assured that general waving of arms and pointing would do just fine (to get in the spirit, I also tested a gallon of Pimms - it was gooood).
In the run up to the ceremony we were kept busy with helping to print the orders of service, catching the dogs, finding various people, tying ties, telling Olly to Get Bloody Ready!! (he's not one for deadlines) and just kinda starring at Eleni - shes just that kind of beautiful that she looks amazing in any light.

As it happens we had an incredible day, sun, blue skies, butterflies, rally cars, tipis, hog roasts, an icelandic music duo, many speeches, bubble machines, a cool vicar, a 'borrowed' McLaren MP4-12C, labradoodles and in the middle of the night - an ice cream stall. Rarely was a day so perfectly, haphazardly, wonderfully ideal for the happy couple.

Bloody amazing from start to finish and I'm adopting these two as family.

The venue gardens are available for hire, as are the tipis, all at Bell Hall, Nr Escrick, York.
The bridal makeup was from Bobby Brown. Browns dept store, York.
Catering was from Lockwoods of Ripon, amazing they are too: contact caz@lockwoodsonlocation.co.uk

Photography was from....The Heart :o)

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