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Young Children 6m +

They can sit up, spread yoghurt everywhere and are sparkly cute and by now their personality is really coming through. We can shoot young children playing, sleeping, eating, anything really. The only thing we don't do is computer fakery to put them inside bloomin flowers etc, I think children are cute enough already.

At this age it takes a wee while for your child to trust a new face with a big camera in the room so all sessions start slowly, often during food so they can get used to me and I can learn what makes them laugh.

Around this age children start to sit up unaided so there is lots of opportunity to have them photographed simply enjoying their toys, pulling up daisies or playing with their toes. Just like when we shoot adults, we don't tell children what to do, we just let them be - there are always places and spaces in all homes that we can light to be a cool backdrop to your childs' pictures.

For £275 we will be with you for around an hour . Prints, frames etc are available and you will get the whole shoot on disc with a license to print, email and post the images online however you wish.

I love this work. If you'd like a chat about us photographing your family, just hit that email or fire up the phone, I look forward to hearing from you.


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