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Older Children and Families

Older children need a different approach to babies, obviously. Luckily I don't seem to have a problem emulating the mindset of children and my passing knowledge of Moshi-Monsters, Ben10, ZuZu Hamsters all helps. To get really lovely natural looks off children, one of the big secrets is never to say "Smile". I find saying "Bottoms!" works much better.

For £275 we will be with you for around an hour . Prints, frames etc are available and you will get the whole shoot on disc with a license to print, email and post the images online however you wish.

If your kids are a little reluctant to be scrubbed up for a shoot, why not pair up with a friends kids, they will relax quicker, you open the white wine and I'll chase them round the park until those canvasses for the wall or Granny's Christmas present are in the bag. Drop me a line to pencil in a date..

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