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Conferences and Events

We are lucky enough to shoot conferences for some of the best organisers and organisations in the land. From Glasgow to the NEC we have shot many many days of speakers, breakout meetings, workshops, mentoring, networking and evening knees ups for banks, universities, NGOs and international training companies.

Technically, we can cope with any weird and wonderful lighting in any size of venue, we can process on site for highly confidential subject matter and we are very used to the long hours involved.

Oh, and we all look cool in black tie, so the evening schmoozing is all good too.

If your cutting straight to the fun with a large company party or food, fun and dancing for your clients then we are ready and waiting. We can have staff shooting guests and printing onsite for gift prints, cover the dancing, awards etc and we have even been known to dress on theme. At all times our sole aim is to represent you well and make every part of your event looks fantastic.

If you are planning to put together a feedback document from an event, if you need profile shots of key speakers or are looking to build a bank of images that stylishly represent your organisation and its work, then please do get in touch today as we can do that for you.


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