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2nd June 2015


The Coopers, Hell Yes

Katie and Joe booked me over 'tinternet and promised "a quiet low key gothic swinging rockabilly spectacular" and they didn't disappoint. After a very pleasant morning in the company of scantily clad lovelies and their tattoos, nail varnish and hairspray, we met the boys at The Treasurers House and got on the wedding schizzle.

Katie looked freaking AMAZING in her dress but Joe was easily the best dressed groom of the year, I'm sooo jealous of that suit. From there on it was a roller coaster of fizz, gorgeous vintage vehicles (incl a double decker for guests and A Ford Mustang GT 350 from Superior Motor Cars - OMG want one, driven by the lovely Nikki), great food, brilliant speeches and the dancing. Phew.

Loved every minute of it and miss them already.

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